A Ray of Hope Support Network is a 501 (c)3 Nonprofit organization.  It was created to provide support and hope for families raising children with special needs through local support groups, resources, and the hope found in Jesus.

One of my children has special needs and I have felt a calling on my life to share my journey with other parents raising their special needs children. The hope that I found when I started a relationship with God changed my life and brought me a hope for me and my son, more than I could have ever imagined. If I can give that hope to just one other parent out there on this journey, then I know I will have done something. 

I named the group “A Ray of Hope” because when I see those rays of sun breaking through the clouds after a storm,that is when I see God. I can’t promise that this journey is going to be easy, but if you can grab a hold of one of those rays, it can make your journey just a little bit easier.    


Our organization has 3 main goals:

1.  To continue to support the local  special need families in Southwest Florida with local support group meetings, meet up opportunities, mom/dad/parent-sibling days out and more to support these families.

2.  To take the model of our support groups and create resources to allow other churches/communities to begin their own support groups to support special need families in their communities.

3.  To help special need families get connected with churches or ways to bring church to these families.


If you are interested in attending a support group (local or online), leading your own support group, donating or volunteering, please let us know!